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We've Helped Over 50,000 Students Earn Better Grades and Higher Test Scores

While standardized tests like the SAT and ACT tend to get all the press, the number one factor in an admissions decision is the student's academic transcript. Colleges want to see that your child has built a track record of strong grades in challenging courses. So if he or she is struggling with a particular class at school, know that one-to-one tutoring is the single most effective form of teaching. A private tutor from StudyPoint can make an enormous difference in your child's comprehension and confidence in his or her classwork, and that in turn will lead to better grades.

Stronger Grades

Our focus is your child's schoolwork. The goals are to review foundational concepts that your child may have missed, master new concepts as they are presented each week, and ensure your child is prepared for important tests and quizzes.

Focused Support

Since the 1990's we have focused exclusively on one-to-one tutoring support because it works. A private tutor will devote 100% of his or her attention to your child's needs, create a safe environment for asking questions, and work at your child's pace.

Exceptional Instructors

A great tutor is the key to success, and we have almost two decades of experience recruiting, screening, and training amazing tutors. They're experts in their fields, they make learning fun, and they can build your child's confidence.

We Provide Expert Tutors in an Array of Subjects:

Chemistry Tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Biology Tutoring

Math Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring

French Tutoring

Homework Help

Study Skills

Academic Writing

Creative Writing

College Essay Coaching

You (and your family) are busy.

To be effective, an educational program has to work with your family's schedule. We make life easier by bringing the tutoring to you, with two convenient options:

In home tutoring

Our flagship program, which we launched in the late 1990's, our in-home tutoring option provides you with the unparalleled convenience and personalized attention of a private tutor who will work with your child right at your kitchen table. All lessons are one-to-one, and your instructor will ensure that each session is highly focused on your child’s unique needs.

Online Tutoring

Instead of meeting at the kitchen table your child and the tutor meet in a custom online learning environment. This innovative tool enables them to talk through strategies and complete practice problems, just as they would on a workbook at your kitchen table. Online tutoring replicates the in-person tutoring dynamic, and it’s remarkably effective.

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