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Dear Parent-

I recognize that the decision to invest in SAT tutoring is often a difficult one, given all the options. In light of this, my goal is to explain what sets StudyPoint's tutoring for the New SAT apart.

If your child is struggling with chemistry, I can relate. I spent my entire childhood certain that I wanted to be a doctor. What ultimately prevented me from pursuing that dream were my persistent struggles with chemistry. Try as I might, I was simply unable to put the concepts together in a way that generated a coherent understanding of this difficult subject.

Advanced sciences like chemistry, physics and biology are extremely challenging, and present students with concepts that are both totally foreign and at times utterly confusing. This is true for both the aspiring doctor, and for the future English major who is only taking chemistry because it's a required part of the curriculum.

And given the difficult nature of the sciences, it's not surprising that private tutoring can have a significant and measurable impact on your child's academic performance. Whether you're looking for a chemistry tutor, physics tutor, or biology tutor, what your child ultimately needs is the personalized attention that his or her teacher likely can't provide.

With as little as 90-minutes a week a great chemistry tutor can help your child break difficult concepts into manageable pieces. Private chemistry tutoring can also provide your child the encouragement and discipline that are so essential to being prepared and feeling confident for that big chemistry test or final exam.

If your child would benefit from the support of a private chemistry tutor, I encourage you to click the link below to learn more about StudyPoint and our unique approach to academic tutoring.


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Rich Enos


We’ve helped over 40,000 students since the 1990’s
Over 60% of our programs are with returning families 
Our customer satisfaction scores are up there with Apple, USAA, and Amazon

One-to-One, Private Chemistry Tutoring

Your Pace

In class the teacher needs to keep moving whether your child understands the concept or not. Your chemistry tutor will work at your child's pace and will review material until it's clear that he or she has mastered the concept.

Your Work

Our focus is your child's schoolwork, and a key responsibility of our tutors is to help your child prepare for and succeed on important tests and quizzes. This involves reviewing homework, discussing concepts, and completing practice problems.

Your Success

Our goal is to help your child earn a stronger grade in chemistry class, but equally important, our chemistry tutoring will help your child take ownership for his or her learning and become a more successful, independent chemistry student.

An Expert Team of Carefully Selected Chemistry Tutors

Subject Specific Expertise

Our experienced Chemistry tutors have degrees (and often advanced degrees) from some of the country’s best colleges and universities.

Extensive Teaching/ Tutoring Experience

They’re experienced, passionate teachers, and they know how to engage students and break down difficult concepts.

Thoughtful/Flexible Teaching Styles

Being smart isn't enough - our tutors are able to listen well and communicate clearly, and they adapt their approach to fit your child.

You (and your family) are busy

To be effective, an educational program has to work with your family's schedule. We make life easier by bringing the tutoring to you through two convenient options:

In home CHEMISTRY tutoring

Our flagship program, which we launched in the late 1990's, our in-home tutoring option provides you with the unparalleled convenience and personalized attention of a private tutor who will work with your child right at your kitchen table. All lessons are one-to-one, and your instructor will ensure that each session is highly focused on your child’s unique needs.

Online CHEMISTRY Tutoring

Instead of meeting at the kitchen table your child and the tutor meet in a custom online learning environment. This innovative tool enables them to talk through strategies and complete practice problems, just as they would on a workbook at your kitchen table. Online tutoring replicates the in-person tutoring dynamic, and it’s remarkably effective.

Happy, Successful Students

Students spend 50% of their waking hours at school or doing homework and something that occupies such a large amount of time inevitably plays a big role in their happiness. School is tough - there are social, emotional, and academic challenges.

Ultimately, the end goal of a Studypoint tutoring program is improved performance in school, and that improvement is easily measurable - an A on quiz, an outstanding test, or a chemistry grade worthy of the refrigerator door. We believe the best measure of your child’s understanding and progress is the chemistry grade on his or her report card, and that is how we measure our success with clients.

Yet there is an added benefit- something that is difficult to measure but easy to recognize. It is the sense of accomplishment that comes from working to improve something and seeing positive results. Few smiles are as big as the ones that company a strong report card.

Our greatest reward is the positive feedback we get from parents who report their children are now confident and happy in school as a result of our chemistry tutoring.

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