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Antioch Admissions Information

Antioch University
Culver City, CA (map)


Founded by education ground-breaker Horace Mann, Antioch University breaks the mold of traditional colleges in many key ways. Firstl and most noticeably the school does not have one main, centralized campus but rather offers five locales spread across the U.S. Current campuses include those in Los Angeles, Ohio, Santa Barbara, Seattle, and New Hampshire, each offering unique specializations and a distinctly comprehensive approach to learning. Antioch itself has long been a pioneer in upper-level education and was initially imagined by Mann to be a more innovative version of Harvard. In 1853, at the start of the University’s first academic year, the school was already making history: male and female students shared a classroom for the first time, and the school’s two female professors were the first two female professors ever. As early as 1863, Antioch adopted a strong and pioneering equal-opportunity policy which dictated that no student would be turned away on the basis of race. It was these early changes small by today’s standards but immense for the time that laid the groundwork for Antioch to grow into its nontraditional and successful current form.

The remainder of information on this page will more specifically discuss Antioch’s campus in Los Angeles, which is nationally recognized for its program in the fine arts. The school has served as a launching pad for more than 6,000 alumni who work on the basis of Antioch’s core values of social justice, service to the community, and lifelong learning. Most students of AULA pair their classroom experiences with some sort of community-based experiential learning program; in fact, this interdisciplinary program is a way of life for most Antioch students and faculty alike. The school continues to make great strides of progress today, offering one-of-a-kind coursework on the LGBT community.

Much more information on Antioch’s other Branch Campuses can be found on the school’s website, www.antioch.edu.



Basic Info

Main Address: 400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, CA 90230
Phone Number: (310) 578-1080  
Website: www.antiochla.edu  


Type of school: Private, Branch Campus  
Type of school: Liberal Arts  
Setting: Urban, Very Large City; Commuter Campus  
Degrees offered: Bachelor's, Master's  
Size of undergraduate student body: 204  
Percent out-of-state: Not reported  
Percent international: Not reported  
Female to Male ratio: Not reported  

Academic Life

Student to Professor ratio: Not reported  
Most popular majors: Liberal Arts (only Bachelor's degree offered)  
Special study programs: Accelerated Program
Double Major
Independent Study
Liberal Arts/Career Combination
Student-Designed Major
Study Abroad
Teacher Certification
Weekend College
Extensive Undergraduate Evening or Early Morning Classes

Campus Life

Housing options:
Mainly commuter campus  
Radio Station
Student Newspaper
Student Government
Television Station

Fun Facts

  • AULA's Masters of Fine Arts program was ranked within the top five programs of its kind.
  • The school's program of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies is the first of its kind.

Admissions Information

Antioch University is unlike most other universities both in learning commitments and core values. As such, the school's admissions process also deviates from the norm of most other colleges. Antioch seeks students who are or wish to become strongly independent learners. As such, the school makes admissions decisions based almost completely on an applicant's essay and interview, both of which are required.

It should be noted that Antioch seeks self-motivated, different-minded students whose approach to learning differs from that of the mainstream. Applicants to Antioch are accepted year-round, to begin classes at the start of any of the school's four quarters

Admissions address: 400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, CA 90230-7615
Phone number: (800) 726-8462  
Fax number: (310) 822-4824  
Admissions Website: http://www.antiochla.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions  
Email: admissions@antiochla.edu  
Contact Person: Melissa Hall, Admissions Counselor  
Number of first-year applications received: Not reported  
Percent of applicants admitted: Not reported  

Application Information

Regular application deadline: August 10  
Early decision/action deadline: N/A  
Accepts the Common Application? No  
Admission requirements: Personal Statement
Supplemental Essay

Application Information

Standardized test scores required? No  
Policy regarding SAT score-use: Optional  
Middle 50% Scores



% Who Submitted Scores
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Math
SAT Writing
ACT Composite

College Board code: 1862  
ACT code: -  
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