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Barnard Admissions Information

Barnard College
New York, NY (map)


Barnard College is, in many ways, a welcomed contradiction for its students: the school offers a strong and community-based, single-gendered liberal arts education, in conjunction with an Ivy League coed experience. As the all-female sister school to Columbia, Barnard offers a best-of-both-worlds experience by which students may enjoy the smaller charm and camaraderie of the college but still enroll in classes, play sports, and join organizations offered at the school’s Ivy League big brother. This wide array of options, paired with the school’s ideal location in the relatively quiet Upper West Side of Manhattan makes for an attractive option for many students initially unsure of what they may want out of their college careers. The college’s Center for Research on Women is a pioneer in the field, and the school itself is ranked among the top 30 liberal arts colleges in the nation.

In addition to the abounding academic opportunities at Barnard, students are also offered a wealth of cultural experiences. Students receive discounts at local on-and-off Broadway shows, sports, and concerts. In addition, the school features Urban New York, a program which takes freshmen to events around the city, as a means to ease students into urban living. As such, it should come as no surprise that Barnard’s student body is comprised by those who have grown up in cities and farms alike, each acclimating well to the new surroundings.



Basic Info

Main Address: 3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Phone Number: (212) 854-5262  
Website: www.barnard.edu  


Type of school: Private, Liberal-Arts  
Type of school: Women only  
Setting: Urban, very large city; Residential campus  
Athletics: NCAA Division I, Intramural, Intercollegiate, Club  
Degrees offered: Bachelor's  
Size of undergraduate student body: 2,456  
Percent out-of-state: 68%  
Percent international: 5.01%  
Female to Male ratio: 100:0  

Academic Life

Student to Professor ratio: 9:1  
Most popular majors: Social Sciences
Area and Ethnic Studies
Visual and Performing Arts
Special study programs: Accelerated Program
Double Major
Dual Enrollment of High School Students
Honors Program
Independent Study
Liberal Arts/Career Combination
Student-Designed Major
Study Abroad
Teacher Certification
Visiting/Exchange Student Program

Campus Life

Housing options:
Coed Housing
Apartments For Single Students
Women's Housing
Special Housing For Disabled Students
Campus ministries
Concert band
Jazz band
Marching band
Music ensembles
Radio station
Student newspaper
Television station
Choral groups
Film society
Literary magazine
Model U.N.
Musical theater
Pep band
Student government
Symphony orchestra

Fun Facts

  • Ranked #5, Best Career Services
  • Ranked #16, Nobody Plays Intramural Sports
  • Ranked #2, Great College Towns
  • Ranked #8, Best Quality of Life

Admissions Information

While Barnard, like many other top-ranking institutions, places value on an applicant's academic achievements, the school also tunes into its core as a liberal-arts college and strongly considers the applicant's character and personal qualities. As such, a prospective student's application essay, extracurricular activities, and recommendations are all used as a way for the admissions committee to gain a greater understanding of the type of person behind the application.

In addition to understanding the applicant on a more personal level, the Barnard admissions committee considers GPA, class rank, and demonstrated talents and abilities when making a decision. Factors such as alumni relation, geographical residence, interview, and ethnicity all may also contribute to admittance.

Admissions address: 3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Phone number: (212) 854-2014  
Fax number: (212) 854-6220  
Admissions Website: http://barnard.edu/admissions  
Email: admissions@barnard.edu  
Contact Person: Jennifer Fondiller, Dean of Admissions  
Number of first-year applications received: 4,618  
Percent of applicants admitted: 28%  

Application Information

Regular application deadline: January 1  
Early decision/action deadline: November 15 (Early Decision)  
Accepts the Common Application? Yes  
Admission requirements: 2 Academic Teacher Evaluation
Standardized Test Scores
School Report/Mid Year Report/Final Report
Early Decision Agreement

Application Information

Standardized test scores required? SAT with SAT II Reasoning Tests, or:
ACT with Writing
Policy regarding SAT score-use: All SAT scores required for review  
Middle 50% Scores



% Who Submitted Scores
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Math
SAT Writing
ACT Composite

College Board code: 2038  
ACT code: 2718  

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