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Pitzer Admissions Information

Pitzer College
Claremont, CA (map)


Pitzer College is one of the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges. Within this consortium, the college emphasizes a rigorous and interdisciplinary liberal-arts education focusing on social justice, intercultural understanding, and environmental awareness. Core values at the college include Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility, Diverse Community, and Intercultural Understanding, all made possible by the sincere participation of students, faculty, and staff. Students are duly expected to engage in community service, an aspect which has been honored with the title as a Most Service Minded School by Newsweek Magazine. Located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Pitzer College comes with an entire outdoor package. The mild year-round climate allows students to fully explore the beautiful outdoors, whether hiking or skiing, or enjoying both ocean and desert sports – both of which are located within an hour of campus. Following a green-mindedness are Pitzer’s Gold LEED-certified and design award-winning residence halls.

Originally an all-women’s college, Pitzer College opened its doors to students of all genders and walks of life in 1970, and has since actualized its goal for diversity, with approximately 40% of its current student body being male, and 43% of non-white ethnicity. Pitzer is for this reason ranked 11th among liberal arts colleges nationwide for racial diversity. Unlike many California schools, the majority of students are in fact from other states; this fact, in combination with students representing nearly 20 other countries, contributes to a richly geographic diversity, which is extremely unique to a school of Pitzer College’s size. Pizter also sends 74% of its student body abroad, compared to a national average fo 2%. The college’s Study Abroad Program is recognized by the US News and World Report as an outstanding academic program. Additionally, in the last 15 years, 110 Fulbright Fellowships have been awarded to Pitzer students and graduates, making the college the number one recipient of Fullbright Fellowships in all undergraduate colleges.



Basic Info

Main Address: 1050 North Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711-6101
Phone Number: (909) 621-8000  
Website: www.pitzer.edu  


Type of school: Private  
Type of school: Liberal Arts College  
Setting: Suburban  
Athletics: Division III, Intramural, Club, Intercollegiate  
Degrees offered: Bachelor's  
Size of undergraduate student body: 1,080  
Percent out-of-state: 61%  
Percent international: 2%  
Female to Male ratio: 63:37  

Academic Life

Student to Professor ratio: 11:1  
Most popular majors: Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies
Visual and Performing Arts
Environmental Science
Foreign Languages and Literature
Special study programs: Combined/joint degree programs: BA/MA, B.A./D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy); BA/MBA
Cross registration
Double Major
Exchange Student
Honors Program
Independent study
Liberal arts career combo
Student designed major
Study abroad

Campus Life

Housing options: 
Coed housing 
Special housing for disabled students 
Green housing
Cooperative housing 
Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free) 
Academic groups 
International student groups 
Minority student groups 
Singing groups 
Speakers forum 
Campus ministries 
Radio station 
Student newspaper
Gay, lesbian, and bisexual groups
Literary magazine 
Political discussion groups 
Social services group 
Theater program 
Music ensembles 
Student government 
Symphony orchestra 
Model U.N.

Fun Facts

  • Ranked #4, Most Popular Study Abroad Program
  • Ranked #18, Happiest Students
  • Ranked #12, Least Religious Students
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Pitzer first in Fulbright Fellowships among all undergraduate colleges nationwide.
  • Ranked #12, Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians
  • Ranked #8, Lots of Race/Class Interaction
  • Named a Best Western College by the Princeton Review

Admissions Information


Pitzer College takes into account a variety of elements when considering an applicant. Some emphasized essential admission factors are: class rank, curriculum rigor in high school, extracurricular activities, recommendations, academic GPA, personality, racial or ethnic status, and the application essay. Geographical residence, talents, volunteer work, level of demonstrated interest, and interviews are important factors. Work experience, alumni relation, and standardized test scores are considered as well.


Admissions address: 1050 North Mills Avenue 
Claremont, CA 91711-6101
Phone number: (909) 621-8129  
Fax number: (909) 621-8770  
Admissions Website: www.pitzer.edu/admission  
Email: admission@pitzer.edu  
Contact Person: Arnaldo Rodriguez, Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid  
Number of first-year applications received: 3,812  
Percent of applicants admitted: 26%  

Application Information

Regular application deadline: January 1  
Early decision/action deadline: November 15  
Accepts the Common Application? Yes  
Admission requirements: Essay
Some programs require SAT Reasoning Test or ACT (writing section recommended)

Application Information

Standardized test scores required? Standardized test scores are not required for admission.

Considered if Submitted: SAT Reasoning Test
Considered if Submitted: ACT (writing section recommended)
Policy regarding SAT score-use: Highest Section Scores Across Test Dates  
Middle 50% Scores



% Who Submitted Scores
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Math
SAT Writing
ACT Composite

College Board code: 4619  
ACT code: 0363  
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