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ACT Score Reports

Approximately three to eight weeks after an ACT test date, students will be mailed their ACT score reports. If a student took the ACT with Writing, score reports will not be mailed until a student's Writing score is available, which is typically about two weeks after the multiple-choice scores are available. There is no rush scoring option, so you'll want to make sure your child takes the test in plenty of time for the colleges of his or her choice to receive the score report.

Students who have an ACT student web account and tested on a national test date will be able to view their scores online. Most multiple-choice scores are available online approximately 2.5 weeks after the test date. Most writing scores are available a few weeks after that. Note that viewing scores online does not speed up the score reporting process; official score reports are mailed approximately three to eight weeks after the test date. You can find the online score release dates on our ACT Test Dates page.

The ACT organization prepares three reports for each test taker:

  • Student Report: This score report will go to the mailing address provided when a student registers. Most students receive their report 3-8 weeks after the test date. Test results cannot be rushed. This report includes a student's ACT scores and college and career planning information. Check out a sample Student Report.
  • High School Report: If a student authorizes reporting to his or her school when he or she registers, the student's high school will receive a score report about 3-8 weeks after the test date. Like the Student Report, this report contains a student's ACT scores and college and career planning information. A high school may put this information on the student's transcript, which will be sent to the colleges to which he or she applies. Before authorizing the High School Report, contact your child's guidance or college office to determine its policies. Check out a sample High School Report.
  • College Report: This score report will be sent to the colleges and scholarship agencies a student selects. If a students selects colleges and scholarship agencies during the registration process, this report is mailed about 3-8 weeks after the test date. If a student selects colleges and scholarship agencies after scores are available, this report is mailed within one week of the request. In addition to the information provided in the Student and High School Reports, it will contain the student's reported high school class grades (for up to 30 classes), and it may also contain predictions about the student's performance in college. Check out a sample College Report.

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