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SAT Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If your child has a diagnosed physical, mental, sensory, or learning disability, he or she may be eligible for SAT testing accommodations. Here's what you need to know about SAT accommodations and how to request them.

SAT Accommodations - Basic Information

  • There are a variety of accommodations available, including large print test booklets, 50% extended time, 100% extended time, small group testing, sign language interpreters, extra or extended breaks, etc. In order to be eligible for testing accommodations, a student must have a documented disability. For specific information about documentation requirements, visit the College Board website.
  • With a few exceptions, once a student is approved for accommodations, those accommodations remain in effect for any College Board test a student takes (PSAT, SAT, and AP Exams). Therefore, it is best for a student to apply for accommodations the spring before his or her first test. For example, if a student will take the PSAT for the first time in October of his or her junior year, he or she should apply for accommodations during the spring of his or her sophomore year. If it is not possible for a student to apply for accommodations that early, he or she should plan to apply at least seven weeks before his or her test date. For specific application deadlines, visit the College Board website.

SAT Accommodations - Application Process

Students can apply for accommodations with or without the assistance of their school.

  • If a student applies for accommodations with the assistance of his or her school, then the school official will submit the request for accommodations through the College Board's SSD Online system. Contact your child's school for specific instructions on how to initiate the application process.
  • If a student applies for accommodations without the assistance of his or her school, he or she must complete and submit a Student Eligibility Form. Before completing the form, you and your child should first read the Instructions for Completing the Student Eligibility Form. The Student Eligibility Form must be obtained from your child's school. However, a sample Student Eligibility Form is available on the College Board website.

SAT Accommodations - Once a Decision is Made

  • Once a student receives his or her Eligibility Approval Letter, he or she can register for the SAT. The student will need to enter the SSD Code from the Approval Letter during the registration process. The student should also plan to bring the Eligibility Approval Letter with him or her to the test center on SAT test day.
  • If a student is denied accommodations, there are a few steps that the student can take, including providing more information and/or additional documentation. For more information about the available options, visit the College Board website.

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