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ACT® Test Info

Are you new to the ACT, or unsure about what it tests? Learn how the ACT compares to the SAT and help your child determine which exam best suits his or her abilities.

SAT® Test Info

Read up on the new SAT and learn why it's the most popular college entrance exam in the country. Try practice SAT questions and learn how to register for the real exam.

PSAT Test Info

Here you'll find information on how to register for the PSAT, how the exam is structured, and how to receive and interpret your child's PSAT scores. You can also learn more about the National Merit Scholarship and how the PSAT functions as its qualifying test.

SSAT Test Info

Does your child need to take the SSAT for private school applications? Learn more about the SSAT and get answers to your questions about registering for test dates and "flex test" options.

Ask An Admissions Expert

Have questions about the college admissions process? Applying to a boarding or private school? Our team of expert Admissions Counselors speak on a variety of topics related to admissions. You can browse the topics, or ask a question of your own!

College Admissions Webinars

We've organized and recorded presentations from leading admissions experts like Doris Davis, the former Associate Provost of Admissions at Cornell University. Click the link above to see the full list of topics from our College Admissions webinar series.

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