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Sending SAT Scores: It's essential to understand the SAT score reporting policy

In 2009 the College Board rolled out its new SAT score reporting policy, which is called Score Choice. Score Choice allows students to pick and choose, in accordance with a college's score-use policy, which scores to send to colleges, giving students more control over how and when colleges receive their scores. Here's everything you and your child need to know about Score Choice.

Score Choice Basics

  • Each time a student takes the SAT, the scores for each test date are kept as separate records. If a student takes the SAT multiple times, he or she can select which test date scores to submit to colleges. If a student opts not to use Score Choice, all test date scores will be sent to colleges.
  • Students can select up to four colleges to send SAT scores to at the time of registration. These four score reports are included in the basic registration fee. However, if students utilize this option, they will not be able to view their scores before the score reports are sent to those four colleges. Note that students have up to the ninth day following their test date to make changes to their score report recipients.

To learn more about Score Choice, view the College Board's Score Choice Tutorial.

StudyPoint's Recommendation

Because students can choose which set or sets of SAT scores to send to colleges, we recommend that students leave the college code selection portion blank at the time of registration and order score reports after they've seen all their SAT scores.

Though it's convenient to select up to four schools when a student registers for the SAT, students will not be able to view those scores before they are sent to colleges. If a student does not perform as desired on the test, he or she cannot prevent those scores from going to the colleges he or she selected at the time of registration (unless he or she makes a change before the ninth day following the test date).

Though an additional cost is incurred if a student waits to send scores until after viewing them ($12 per score report), the extra fees are worth it when you consider that the SAT is offered seven times per year and that students often take it more than once. Many students find that their scores improve greatly from one test date to the next. Only when a student is satisfied with his or her test scores should the scores be sent. As always, keep an eye on application deadlines and requirements. Depending on a college's method of receiving scores, it could take several weeks for a college to process a student's SAT scores.

Need to find an individual college's score-use policy? Check the SAT Score-Use Practices List.

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