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Dear Parent - the last year has presented challenges on so many fronts, and perhaps nowhere more so than at school. For a generation of kids who already feel more pressure than any before them, the pandemic has thrown everything into disarray - and in doing so has dramatically increased the anxiety around school and college admissions.

Against this backdrop, the most important thing for you to know about StudyPoint is that we're a national leader in both online and in-home tutoring. We've been doing in-home tutoring since the 1990's, and began offering online tutoring a decade ago. In total we've completed more than 650,000 hours of in-home tutoring and over 500,000 hours of one-to-one, online instruction. 

In most locations, if your family is ready to move back to face to face instruction, we have fully vaccinated tutors who are able to meet with your child in the convenience of your home.  If you prefer online, we have a great team of instructors who can meet with your child in our custom virtual classroom that was purpose-built for live, online tutoring. We've invested heavily in custom technology to make online instruction more effective, and in a typical year more than half of our programs are online.

And keep in mind that through years of collecting data we have found that our in-home and online student outcomes are basically identical. Whichever format is the best fit for your family right now, you can have the peace of mind that your child is working with a national leader.

We're your partner in navigating these challenging times and ensuring that your child feels like things are under control. We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need it.

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We're in a field where educational outcomes are highly measurable and we're proud of our track record: since the late 1990's, we've helped over 40,000 students earn higher scores and stronger grades through personalized, one-to-one tutoring support. We believe that every education company should be willing to disclose its results, and should stand behind those results with a legitimate guarantee. 


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StudyPoint focuses exclusively on one-to-one, private tutoring. Our proprietary programs provide your child with a highly personalized tutoring experience that tailors instruction to your child's key strengths and weaknesses. Lessons move at your child's pace, and provide a safe environment for asking questions on difficult material.

Key Factors in Choosing Tutoring Support

One of the great things about test preparation for exams like the SAT and ACT is that there is an objective third party measuring stick. A student has one score before the program and another score after the program. Given this, it should raise flags if a company can't or won't state their average score improvement data or tries to claim things like, "We only work with high scoring students so it's not a fair comparison." We're proud of our results, and believe that being transparent is the right way to do business.

If you buy an iPhone and it doesn't work properly, you take it back to the store and they make it right. That's what ethical companies do, and in our industry that means standing behind promises of score improvement with a guarantee. In our case, if your child completes our Standard 30- or 60-hour SAT or ACT program and doesn't achieve the target score improvement, we will provide you with 18 hours of additional one-on-one tutoring for a subsequent exam for free. We know that despite everyone's best efforts, things don't always go perfectly on test day. But we also believe that if a company is willing to take your investment, they should also be willing to stand behind their products and their results.

It takes a great curriculum to get great results, but building a great curriculum and the associated technologies takes a lot of investment. Through the years we've put more than $1 million into our programs - an amount that many companies are either unwilling or unable to invest. Some use over-the-counter materials from the local bookstore, while others use workbooks that are intended for small group or classroom instruction. Make sure that the company you choose has its own materials, and that those materials are designed for one-on-one tutoring.

This may sound like a technical or obscure question, but it's critically important. By law, a company that uses independent contractors cannot provide their tutors with training, ongoing supervision or coaching, or any form of required curriculum or programming. In recent years, a number of companies have tried to cut costs by using contractors while trying to make it sound like their tutors are carefully screened and trained. Asking this question will ensure you know who is who.
Organizations can only be good at so many things, and too often we see companies that claim to be the best at everything. Since our inception, we've focused exclusively on one-to-one, private tutoring and as a result, our entire operation is built around delivering strong tutoring programs. We have dashboards that enable our Program Directors to monitor each student's progress, curricula and learning technologies that have been custom designed for one-to-one tutoring, and recruiting processes focused on finding and training great tutors. We are experts at delivering high-quality private tutoring - and our results prove it.
Every student should learn the classic test-taking strategies that are unique to the SAT and ACT. On standardized tests it doesn’t matter how you arrive at the correct answer, only that you do so. Strategies like Backsolving and Substitution are essential to achieving that goal, which is why StudyPoint students spend hours learning and practicing these techniques and many others.
The second pillar of test preparation is content review. Since both the SAT and ACT include content spanning your child’s education, years may have passed since your child has reviewed some of the concepts covered on the exam. For this reason, a core part of our program is a thorough review of exam content. Your child’s tutor will review those areas where he or she needs the most work and assign homework to specifically address content and skill gaps.
Last, and perhaps most important, are practice and familiarity. The SAT and ACT are unlike any other exam that your child will take. That’s one of the reasons they can be so intimidating. Our goal is to build so much familiarity with the test that your child enters the exam room confident and relaxed. To this end, StudyPoint students complete a minimum of three full-length practice tests, as well as 12-18 hours of homework over the duration of their programs.
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