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San Diego SAT Tutoring

StudyPoint's San Diego SAT tutoring team is an elite group of skilled educators, offering your family the kind of personalized attention that's not available in traditional classrooms or other tutoring programs. Since we offer the most experienced SAT tutors in La Jolla, Escondido, Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Mesa, and other San Diego area towns, you'll work closely with a professional instructor who best complements your child's learning style. Our proven SAT test-prep curriculum will be customized to address your child's unique strengths and weaknesses. From the Chula Vista to Oceanside, StudyPoint has you covered!

Math and Other Subject Tutoring

StudyPoint is also a leading provider of academic tutoring in San Diego, and works with highly qualified instructors who can provide crucial support in one or more school subjects. Our tutors have helped students at some of the most distinguished prep schools in the area, such as the Francis Parker School, Canyon Crest Academy, La Jolla Country Day School, and San Digeuitos Academy, as well as competitive public high schools like Torrey Pines, Carlsbad High, and Escondido High. StudyPoint can be a primary educational resource for your family throughout the school year, helping your child meet his or her full academic potential.

Key Considerations

The majority of StudyPoint's clients are returning families or referrals. We're extremely proud to have achieved this level of service and reputation, and we credit these results to our unique approach. StudyPoint's one-to-one in-home tutoring, together with our industry-leading Assessment and Curriculum technologies, remain at the heart of how we help students make dramatic academic gains. The average score increase for our SAT program is 171 points.

How Our San Diego Tutoring Works

StudyPoint was founded in Boston in 1999 and has since established itself as the national leader in academic and test-prep tutoring. Our Program Managers and tutors have worked with students throughout the San Diego area, helping students achieve significantly higher SAT scores and school grades. Whether your teen aspires to attend an outstanding regional college like UC San Diego, Occidental, or Pomona, or a prestigious Ivy League university, StudyPoint will design a goal-oriented program with measurable results.

Our San Diego Tutoring Staff

Our rigorous hiring and training practices offer you the security of working with a true professional, someone fully dedicated to your child's success. In addition to our outstanding tutors, your family will enjoy the benefit of working with our San Diego Program Manager who will select the best tutor for your child and follow up throughout your program to ensure success. StudyPoint strives to provide top-quality customer service for every family.

What StudyPoint Families Say about
Our San Diego Tutoring Programs

“Megan [our tutor] provided a lot of strategies and good test taking tips. She was very positive and helped to boost [my son]'s confidence. Lea [our Program Manager] provided close communication and follow up. The experience was positive and offered lots of support!”

—Lisa M. of Escondido on her son's SAT tutoring program

“Megan [our tutor] was very professional, punctual, polite, and a joy to have in our home. She did a fabulous job helping our son navigate the SAT exam.”

—Kim B. of Poway on her son's SAT tutoring program

“The two tutors we had for [my son] were both excellent. They were communicative in making and keeping appointments, and they were both good at following up, telling me what was covered and how [my son] was doing. The program was excellent, but what I think benefitted us the most was they were able to pinpoint [my son]'s weak points and make them strengths. For example, he had a really hard time pacing himself through the long reading passages (in most of the sections), and so the tutors worked a lot on test taking strategy, which he needed.

—Tricia S. of San Diego on her son's ACT tutoring

“Meghann [our tutor] made math fun! I wouldn't want her to change in any way! She was great!”

—Judith W. of San Diego on her daughter's math tutoring

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To learn more about StudyPoint’s academic and SAT tutoring in San Diego, call us locally at: (619) 858-4988

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StudyPoint offers private, in-home SAT, PSAT, ACT & SSAT tutoring. Our staff also includes expert math, science, foreign language, and writing tutors.

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