SAT Tutoring in Seattle

StudyPoint offers SAT tutoring in Seattle using a proven curriculum that's tailored to meet each student's unique learning goals. Our programs are built around Differentiated Instruction, which means that our tutors focus on each student's specific strengths and weaknesses. Our personalized, one-to-one approach has helped thousands of students improve their grades and raise their test scores. By working with one of our SAT tutors in Seattle, your family will benefit from:

Personalized Instruction

  • Your family will be matched with the SAT tutor who best suits your child's personality, interests, and learning style.
  • Your SAT tutor will move at your child's pace to meet his or her individual needs and abilities.
  • In addition to learning and reviewing SAT content areas, your child will learn the test-taking and time-management strategies vital to success on the SAT.

Online Assessment and Homework Technologies

  • Your child will take at least three full-length practice SAT exams, which will provide him or her with plenty of preparation for test day.
  • Weekly homework assignments let your child practice his or her skills using SAT-style problems.
  • Our Personalized Homework Plan adjusts the difficulty of practice problems based on the results of your child's practice SAT exams.
  • Online diagnostic tools provide detailed information about your child's progress, allowing your SAT tutor in Seattle to address your child's particular needs.

Academic Tutoring

If your child needs help in a school subject such as math, Spanish, or reading, we also offer academic tutoring in Seattle. Unlike other tutoring services or enrichment programs, our academic tutors use the homework that your child is already working on to help him or her develop new skills and to fill in any gaps in knowledge from previous school years.

We have highly skilled educators ready to work with you in Seattle and surrounding areas such as Bellevue, Tacoma, and Mercer Island. Our Seattle tutors have worked with students at some of the most competitive schools in the area, such as Seattle Preparatory School, Bellevue High School, Kings High School, and Aviation High School.

Whatever your child's learning needs may be, one of our experienced instructors can offer the support your child needs to succeed throughout the school year. Whether your child aspires to attend a competitive local school like the University of Washington or Washington State, or a prestigious school like Cornell or Princeton, our tutors can help your child achieve his or her goals

About StudyPoint

  • StudyPoint has been a national leader in academic and SAT tutoring services for over a decade.
  • The majority of the students enrolled in our SAT tutoring programs last year came from returning families or had been referred to us by families that had worked with us before.
  • We have worked with almost 20,000 students in more than 23 major metropolitan areas.

Our Seattle Tutors

We choose our staff through a highly selective hiring process, and our team in Seattle includes some of the most qualified educators in the area. In addition, your family will get to know our Program Manager in Seattle who will pair your child with an academic or SAT tutor who fits your child's personality and learning goals. Your Program Manager will also contact you frequently to check in on your child's progress.

What Families Have Said about Our Seattle SAT Tutors

“This is a great program for the busy family. We looked in to classes, etc. but knew that would never work for us. We were really impressed by how well the tutor was matched to our daughter. Like she said, 'it was the perfect match!' Our daughter met her goals and learned some lifelong skills. Thank you!”

—Carolyn E. of Federal Way on her daughter's SAT tutoring program

“[Our tutor was] was extremely knowledgeable and flexible and was great at evaluating our son's style, strengths and weaknesses. She offered very useful techniques for test taking that helped to improve scores.”

—Paulette G. on her son's ACT tutoring program

“Heidi was an outstanding tutor. She established a nice rapport with our son. She was ready for every session and had good feedback for him.”

—Mary Jo S. of Bainbridge on her son's SAT tutoring program

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To learn more about StudyPoint’s academic and SAT tutoring in Seattle, reach us at: (206) 777-0117

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About StudyPoint

StudyPoint offers private, in-home SAT, PSAT, ACT & SSAT tutoring. Our staff also includes expert math, science, foreign language, and writing tutors.

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