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General SAT Test Information

SAT Test Dates

Up-to-date information on upcoming SAT Test Dates.


A look at the key differences between the ACT and SAT.

SAT History

Overview of the development and evolution of the SAT.

SAT Test Structure and Format

The SAT Test

An overview of the SAT: format, question types, length and other info.

SAT Math

A general review of the SAT Math exam.

SAT Reading

A general review of the SAT Reading exam.

SAT Writing and Language

A general review of the SAT Writing and Language exam.

The SAT Registration Process

SAT Registration

Basic information on registering for the SAT.

SAT Registration Fee

Chart outlining the different fees for SAT test registration.

SAT Late Registration

The process and fees involved in registering late for the SAT.

SAT Accommodations

Information on testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

SAT Waitlist Testing

What to do if you missed regular and late SAT registration.

SAT Test Day

Suggestions on what to bring with you to the SAT on test day.

SAT Test Cancellation

The SAT is sometimes cancelled due to inclement weather. What to do if the weather looks grim.

SAT Scoring & Score Reporting

SAT Scoring

An overview of the SAT scoring and point system.

SAT Score Reports

AInformation on accessing your child's online score report.

SAT Score Choice

Selecting which SAT scores to send to colleges.

Retaking the SAT

Understand the benefits of taking the SAT multiple times.

SAT Score Ranges

How colleges look at SAT scores.

Rushing SAT Scores

How to rush SAT scores to colleges and universities.

Sending SAT Scores

Important information on sending sat scores and using score choice.

Canceling SAT Scores

What to do if your child feels the test went very poorly.

Average SAT Scores

Review national and state average SAT scores for college bound students.

Good SAT Scores?

Some perspective on how to think about what good means in SAT scores.

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