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DePauw Admissions Information

DePauw University
Greencastle, IN (map)


Nestled into a small Indiana town, DePauw offers students a transition into the real world that is, throughout their four years at the school, laced with elements of a community atmosphere. Each student must live in campus either in traditional dorms, Greek housing (an ever-popular alternative), or campus-run apartments. Incoming freshman are eased into the university atmosphere at DePauw with help from a mentoring program, and students of all ages are encouraged to pursue a fellowship program in a more specific academic area of their choice. Popular fellowship programs include Media Fellows, Management Fellows, and Science Research Fellows, each of which pairs a semester-long internship with pertinent classes and guest speakers.

After class, students at DePauw participate in a long list of extracurricular organizations a grouping that reflects an especially wide range of interests, given the relatively small number of students at the school. Clubs such as Brazilian Jui Jitzu, Climbing for a Cure, and Feminista! truly set DePauw’s extracurricular offerings apart from those of many other schools. In addition, Greek life is a perpetually popular choice for students; each year, about 70% of students choose to join a house. Outside of Greencastle, many students enjoy the 40-minute drive to Indianapolis for a wider selection of shopping, concerts, and nightlife.



Basic Info

Main Address: PO Box 37
Greencastle, IN 46135
Phone Number: (765) 658-4800  
Website: www.depauw.edu  


Type of school: Liberal arts, College of Music  
Type of school: United Methodist Church, Coed  
Setting: Rural setting; Residential campus  
Athletics: Division III, Intercollegiate, Intramural, Club  
Degrees offered: Bachelor's  
Size of undergraduate student body: 2,390  
Percent out-of-state: 57%  
Percent international: 9.87%  
Female to Male ratio: 57:43  

Academic Life

Student to Professor ratio: 10:1  
Most popular majors: Social Sciences
Foreign Languages and Literature
Visual and Performing Arts
Special study programs: Double Major
Dual Enrollment of High School Students
Honors Program
Independent Study
ROTC, Air Force
ROTC, Army
Student-Designed Major
Study Abroad
Teacher Certification
Visiting/Exchange Student Program

Campus Life

Housing options:
Coed Housing
Fraternity/Sorority Housing
Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free)
Apartments For Single Students
Special Housing For International Students
Campus Ministries
Concert Band
Jazz Band
Music Ensembles
Radio Station
Student Government
Symphony Orchestra
Choral Groups
Film Society
International Students
Literary Magazine
Musical Theater
Pep Band
Student Newspaper
Television Station

Fun Facts

  • Ranked #1, Best College Radio Staion
  • Ranked #3, Major Frat and Sorority Scene
  • Ranked #15, Class Discussions Encouraged

Admissions Information

With an admission rate of 57%, DePauw is considered to be a somewhat competitive university. While applicants are by no means guaranteed admission, those whose credentials closely match what DePauw seeks will have a greater likelihood of acceptance. The university's admissions committee acknowledges the importance of high school achievements when considering an applicant; the most important aspects of an application are the prospective student's high school GPA, standardized test scores, class rank, and rigor of his or her high school classes.

Apart from academic successes, a well-qualified applicant to DePauw will illustrate a good work ethic and dedicated interests, as shown by his or her application essay, recommendations, and volunteer/work experience. Other important factors for admission include an applicant's alumni relation, geographical residence, and interview.

Admissions address: 101 East Seminary Street
Greencastle, IN 46135-1611
Phone number: (800) 447-2495  
Fax number: (765) 658-4007  
Admissions Website: http://www.depauw.edu/admission/  
Email: admission@depauw.edu  
Contact Person: Earl Macam, Director of Admission  
Number of first-year applications received: 5,206  
Percent of applicants admitted: 57%  

Application Information

Regular application deadline: February 1  
Early decision/action deadline: November 1 (Early Decision); December 1 (Early Action)  
Accepts the Common Application? Yes  
Admission requirements: Standardized Test Scores
School Report
Mid Year Report
Final Report

Application Information

Standardized test scores required? SAT or ACT (writing optional)  
Policy regarding SAT score-use: Considers the highest section scores across all test dates  
Middle 50% Scores



% Who Submitted Scores
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Math
SAT Writing
ACT Composite

College Board code: 1166  
ACT code: 1184  
Learn more about other Top Greek Life schools:
Bucknell   Vanderbilt   Washington State University  

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